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The Team


Jason Ward

Creator and Illustrator 

Jason Ward has been known for his chibi and kawaii art styles. he has a wealth of experience in creating beautiful artwork that is both whimsical and full of life. as a life long pro wrestling fan he decided to create Undisputed! The Pro Wrestling Card Game. It is a unique game that combines elements of strategy and luck to create an enjoyable experience. The creator has a great passion for their craft and it shows in the quality of their work. They strive to create artwork that is both captivating and meaningful for all ages to enjoy.

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Studiocomix press Ltd.

Production Team

Studiocomix Press is proud to print and showcase hundreds of Independent titles to the world.
We make your publishing dreams come true.
Whatever the genre, however long or short, no matter how many colors, if any, we are your one-stop shop for producing and creating independent comics, graphic novels, novels, and more.

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